Madhya Pradesh is one of the largest milk producer state in Bundelkhand region. Dairy in Bundelkhand is one of the main source of income in Madhya Pradesh region. MP is the third largest milk producing state in India with total production of 15.91 million tonnes, which is 8.5 % of total milk production of the country during 2018-19 (NDDB, 2019). Annual growth of milk production in the state is 8.1 %, which is fifth highest in the country. The important reason of milk production in Madhya Pradesh is Animal husbandry. The Farmers of Madhya Pradesh have animal husbandry business along with farming. Madhya Pradesh is a region where farmers are facing various difficulties in farming with low rainfalls, hot climate, arid lands, poor irrigation facilities and ground water depletion.

Women Producer Company

There are several Producer company in the Madhya Pradesh which are run by female farmers. 100% women farmers are the members of these organizations. With entrusted confidence in this organization, participation of women members has been significantly increased. Woman Producer Companies purchases milk directly from members throughout the year and makes the timely payment. Monthly meeting with 5-10 women pourer members is conducted in every village as VCG & MRG for continuous understanding of dairy farming and knowledge sharing of various organization’s activities and services. They Uplifts the women’s status in society by going outside to adjacent town for money withdrawal from bank and purchase of household goods, feeds etc.

Producer Company in the Madhya Pradesh

There are many producer company in Madhya Pradesh which are contributing in production of milk in the state. They are dedicated to help the animal husbandry farmers by guiding the farmers in

  • Fodder development
  • Ration Balancing Programs
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Infertility Camps
  • Dhudh Badhao, Aay Badhao Camp

Short Introduction of Dairy in Bundelkhand

There are many Milk Producer company in Madhya Pradesh but some of these are mentioned below:

Muktaa Mahila Milk Producer Company

Muktaa Dairy

Muktaa Mahila Milk producer company is formally known as Muktaa Dairy is a duly incorporated producer company under The Companies Act 1956 and applicable provisions of The Companies Act 2013, on 1st August 2017 & started operation from 3rd August 2018 in Sagar district which is a part of Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. Muktaa Dairy has provided an altogether different channel of income by establishing a transparent and advanced milk procurement system in villages and farmers are experiencing better price realization and direct payment to their respective bank account. The Operational areas of Muktaa Dairy are in sagar district and many more places.

Maalav Mahila Milk Producer Company

Maalav Mahila Milk Producer Company was incorporated on 18th August, 2017 under Part IX A of companies Act 1956 with an aim to bring socio economic change in the life of rural poor. The company has started its business operations frogygm 1st July 2018, with mere 1667 members as the shareholders of the company.

The operations of the company are spread over Rajgarh, Shivpuri, Guna and Sheopur districts of Madhya Pradesh. Over a period of time, the company has received an overwhelming response from the milk producers of the area and it has mobilized around 15137 members till date. At present, the company is procuring 30,000 ltr of fresh raw milk from its registered producer members who are spread across 300 villages of Madhya Pradesh, particularly in Rajgarh district.

Parvati milk producer company limited

Parvati milk producer company limited is suited in 976V+4P3, Taraisewaniya, Madhya Pradesh 462030. This Producer company is also a reputed producer company in Madhya Pradesh.

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