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Welcome to Muktaa Dairy

Welcome to Muktaa dairy

Muktaa Mahila Milk Producer Company Limited is a duly incorporated producer company under The Companies Act 1956 and applicable provisions of The Companies Act 2013, on 1st August 2017 & started operation from 3rd August 2018 in Sagar district which is a part of Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. A region where farmers are facing various difficulties in farming with low rainfalls, hot climate, arid lands, poor irrigation facilities and ground water depletion.

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We at Muktaa Milk Producer Company Limited are committed to ensure the Quality , Safety and wholesomeness of Milk and Milk Products by Promoting a culture of quality and adopting quality and food safety systems in our operations.

Our commitment is to excellence. The evolving needs of our customers drive us to continual improvement in our processes & systems.

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